Randall Hammersley

After last year's shawnee marathon I wasn't sure I would run it again, kudos to run to succeed and river to river the shirt and finisher medal were awesome talked to so many that ran their first shawnee marathon and all of them were impressed, great job r2s and r2r

Randall Hammersley

( Randall Hammersley )

Other Testimonials

Great race, nice that it's local. I would recommend for a half, not a full though. I wasn't anticipating as much gravel as there was. Well organized, friendly staff, awesome medal and shirt! Thank you!

Kass Gregory

( Kass Gregory )

Great race! I enjoyed the mix of gravel, pavement, and trail. It was a little harder than I expected but I enjoyed it. Well done! Oh and the medals are awesome!

Rosana Sifuentes

( Rosana Sifuentes )

Nice race put on by the new management team. The medals were awesome, the shirts were awesome, and the age group awards were also awesome. Great job! The only thing I was disappointed by was the amount of gravel road on the course. It was difficult to run on but the rest of the course was great.

Shawn Moore

( Shawn Moore )

Excellent race! Very well-organized, great shirts & medals, course was well-marked & check-in was a breeze. I know the new management company faced many obstacles with the event, but you would never have known that given how well the event seemed to go.

Abby Hower-Clark

( Abby Hower-Clark )

It was Excellent! LOVED the shirts and medals (My new favorites) by the way! Will be back for sure! The gravel road was a little rough but other then that amazing!

Zach Niebruegge

( Zach Niebruegge )

The new management was great. You'd never know the obstacles they had to overcome to make it happen. Thanks for your efforts!

CJ Buss

( CJ Buss )

The new management was awsome! The t shirts are cool

Rachel Essary

( Rachel Essary )

Great weather, great support, beautiful setting, great race! Thanks to all who made it possible. Lot of fun this weekend at a great event! Thanks to all in management who made it possible

Craig Ohlau

( Craig Ohlau )

Awesome event. Well organized. Volunteers on course we're awesome. Plenty of water stops. Way to go new management

Morgan Lyn

( Morgan Lyn )

Y'all did a great job. Thank for the event and the aid stations were great.

Wanda Shoemake

( Wanda Shoemake )