Cancellation Policy

cancellationpolicyShawnee Marathon Cancellation & Refund Policy

Participant Cancellation:

If a participant registers for the Shawnee Marathon, Half-Marathon, or 10K and needs to cancel for any reason, a refund may be issued. Any credit card transaction fees that have already been processed will not be refunded. If the participant cancels after the pre-registration deadline and t-shirts have been ordered, a refund will not be given.

Shawnee Marathon Cancellation or Postponement:

Run To Succeed rarely cancels or postpones an event. However, if there is inclement weather and RTS is forced to cancel or postpone the event, RTS will post notice of the cancellation or postponement on the race webpage, social media feeds and via email. When practical, phone calls will be made. If there are several hundred participants registered, phone calls may not be practical. It shall be the participants responsibility to monitor any and all news pertaining to the events.

If RTS is forced to postpone an event, the new event date will be announced as soon as possible. The new date will be posted on the race webpage, social media feeds and via email. Phone calls to each individual participant will not be made.

If the event is cancelled or postponed, already past the pre-registration deadline and the participant is unable to attend the new event date, RTS will make every effort to make sure the participant receives their race shirt, bib number, and any other items associated with the event that they would have received had they been able to attend. No refunds will be given. Donations to charitable organizations will still be made.

If Run To Succeed cancels an event for any reason before the pre-registration deadline and the event will not be rescheduled, refunds will be given.

Run To Succeed reserves the right to make exceptions to the cancellation and refund policy. Participant safety will always be our priority!