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This is where you can find the most current Shawnee Marathon information including start times, packet pick-up, entry fees, awards, and more.


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Are you an honest energetic individual looking to volunteer with us and have fun doing so? The Shawnee Marathon is always looking for individuals and organizations to provide great customer service to our race participants.


Photo gallery from Shawnee Marathon events beginning in 2016 can be found here. Memories are made and captured through photography.

Course Records

Beginning with the 2016 Shawnee Marathon, we will begin keeping course records for both the Marathon and 1/2 Marathon


Results from the Shawnee Marathon and Half-Marathon can be found here.

Recent News

2017 Shawnee Marathon Recap

As many of you know by now, this was our second year of ownership of the Shawnee Marathon and we took away many unforgettable memories of the 2017 edition. Here is a recap of this year’s Shawnee Marathon.  As before, we have the full Marathon and Half-Marathon option. We decided to add a 10K option

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Packet Pickup info & Race Day App

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Packet Pickup info & Race Day App:   1. We have secured PawPaw’s Pizza in Harrisburg for the Friday evening packet pickup. Come check-in for the race and avoid the lines on Saturday morning and while you are there, enjoy a “carb up” meal on us.  2. If you haven’t done so yet, be sure

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Bella Morgan Running The Shawnee Marathon

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There are a lot things to be excited about for the 2017 version of the Shawnee Marathon. For me, being a second year owner of the Marathon race, what I am most excited about is Evansville, Indiana’s own Bella Morgan will be competing in the 26.2 mile Boston Qualifier course on October 28th. Bella and

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What Our Participants Say

Just want to say thank you so much to Shawnee Marathon’s RD who worked with me and allowed me to finish, who graciously asked before taking down mile markers I hadn’t reached yet. To the volunteers at the aid stations who stocked me up and put aid aside for me to have on my return. To the person collecting the portapotties for letting one stay at the finish so I could go when I was done. And to my awesome half finisher friends Melissa and Jim (her 50th half!) for seeing me through and supporting me my final miles. For those who saw me moving so slowly on the Marathon course and wondered if I’d finish - I did. I’m slow on a good day but I did Chicago a lot faster than this three weeks ago! I didn’t expect the cold and all the headwinds (how is it possible for them to come from every direction! And it never got sunny and never hit 48!) and I was struggling with injuries to three toes on my right food caused by dog bites last week. (We rescue hospice and terminally ill dogs and some have... issues.). It took me forever and I’m so grateful that I was allowed to finish. I thought they were wonderful! Enthusiasm and so much variety! They were so attentive to our needs.

Valerie Silensky

( Valerie Silensky )

I was so impressed by the enthusiasm and encouragement from all the volunteers at the aid stations. That really made a big difference for me.

Ronny Henwood Pearson

( Ronny Henwood Pearson )

Great Race!

Hannah Erickson

( Hannah Erickson )

My friend and I enjoy this race, we look forward to next year!

Patty Lutton

( Patty Lutton )

I think your event was a success! Congrats on the turnout. We had some great athletes with positive attitudes! Thanks again for keeping this event in the area!

Nikki Borders

( Nikki Borders )

I ran the half marathon and want to thank you and all your volunteers for a super event. I was especially impressed with the solo volunteer at the final water stop. She had no protection from the cold wind, denied being uncomfortable - and thanked me for running before I could thank her for volunteering! She was as cheerful as all the other teams of aid station volunteers, many of whom had a bit of shelter from the breezes. I wish you success with future events.

Susan Cormier

( Susan Cormier )

Great race, nice that it's local. I would recommend for a half, not a full though. I wasn't anticipating as much gravel as there was. Well organized, friendly staff, awesome medal and shirt! Thank you!

Kass Gregory

( Kass Gregory )

Great race! I enjoyed the mix of gravel, pavement, and trail. It was a little harder than I expected but I enjoyed it. Well done! Oh and the medals are awesome!

Rosana Sifuentes

( Rosana Sifuentes )

Nice race put on by the new management team. The medals were awesome, the shirts were awesome, and the age group awards were also awesome. Great job! The only thing I was disappointed by was the amount of gravel road on the course. It was difficult to run on but the rest of the course was great.

Shawn Moore

( Shawn Moore )

Excellent race! Very well-organized, great shirts & medals, course was well-marked & check-in was a breeze. I know the new management company faced many obstacles with the event, but you would never have known that given how well the event seemed to go.

Abby Hower-Clark

( Abby Hower-Clark )

It was Excellent! LOVED the shirts and medals (My new favorites) by the way! Will be back for sure! The gravel road was a little rough but other then that amazing!

Zach Niebruegge

( Zach Niebruegge )

The new management was great. You'd never know the obstacles they had to overcome to make it happen. Thanks for your efforts!

CJ Buss

( CJ Buss )

The new management was awsome! The t shirts are cool

Rachel Essary

( Rachel Essary )

Great weather, great support, beautiful setting, great race! Thanks to all who made it possible. Lot of fun this weekend at a great event! Thanks to all in management who made it possible

Craig Ohlau

( Craig Ohlau )

Awesome event. Well organized. Volunteers on course we're awesome. Plenty of water stops. Way to go new management

Morgan Lyn

( Morgan Lyn )

Y'all did a great job. Thank for the event and the aid stations were great.

Wanda Shoemake

( Wanda Shoemake )

It was a great race. Nice job getting it all together. Loved the finishers medal. Already looking forward to next year!

Jeff Garner

( Jeff Garner )

Great race and great event. Great course as well. Good job on putting a solid race. It takes a village to put a great event and this was awesome event!! Thank you!

Arturs Bareikis

( Arturs Bareikis )

Great run! Thanks for all your efforts!

Pamm Blankenship Hunter

( Pamm Blankenship Hunter )

Such a HUGE thanks to Tim Jarvis for doing such a great job with the race this year!! Looking forward to many more years of Shawnee.

Melissa Lewis

( Melissa Lewis )

Tim and James both did a great job. The Shawnee Marathon had a winning hand considering what they were dealt. The shirts were amazing and the medal was ginormous. That medal instantly became one of my top 5 favorites of all time. Thanks guys.

Jim Olsen

( Jim Olsen )

After last year's shawnee marathon I wasn't sure I would run it again, kudos to run to succeed and river to river the shirt and finisher medal were awesome talked to so many that ran their first shawnee marathon and all of them were impressed, great job r2s and r2r

Randall Hammersley

( Randall Hammersley )

I ran the Half. Great event. You and James did a wonderful job. The folks I ran with were all complementary and talked about returning in 2017.

Michael Ahrens

( Michael Ahrens )

Ran the Shawnee half and thought it was well organized. You did a great job. A few things need fine tuning such as more water stations. The medals were great. Also, if unisex t-shirts, it would be nice if you had some XS. I plan on running it again next year and bring more friends with me.

Marie Roeder

( Marie Roeder )

We had such a great time at Shawnee Marathon yesterday. All interaction with race coordinators was so positive and helpful (we're the group that came from Cincinnati). Loved the shade on the course and the full water bottles provided for the full participants. Volunteers were very energetic and supportive. Nice medal & tech long sleeve shirt (although a more fitted cut for women would be nice) I didn't mind crossing the precarious bridge with the gravel- glad that got worked out. BUT the 4mi of gravel has to go. Was so painful, especially on my way back in. Also, another suggestion is to break out the prize money for the top 3 men and top 3 women. I'll definitely tell friends about this race & hope to run it again soon! Thank you!

Jody Gastrich

( Jody Gastrich )

I have no experience with the past Shawnee Marathon/Half and the race director. It sounds like a bad situation and an unethical race director. I just wanted to let you know I thought it was really well done yesterday! Of course I loved the low entry fee and flat course, but it was also really well organized and efficient. Hats off to you all for turning the table on what was left behind for you. I look forward to seeing you next year!

Elizabeth Bailey-Smith

( Elizabeth Bailey-Smith )

Thanks for the great race…

Tammy Crawford

( Tammy Crawford )

Great race!! Well run, great supporter participation, scenic course... what more could you ask for?? And now it's a Boston Qualifying course! Amazing!

Kelly M. – Finisher

( Kelly M. - Finisher )

Mostly flat course, well marked, great aid stations, well organized. I will definitely be back!

Marissa M. – Finisher

( Marissa M. - Finisher )

Very nice course with tremendous support from various local groups. It's mostly flat with a few mild to moderate hills. I will be back next year!

Larry J. – Finisher

( Larry J. - Finisher )

Wait, that was a half marathon i just did? It surely didn't feel like one.. the support and encouragement from all the organizers and volunteers along the course made me feel like i wasn't running a race at all. Every step I made along the run was filled with smiles and a beautiful scenery. Have a love hate relationship with running? This run makes you biased towards the love side.

Mira S. – Half-Marathon Finisher

( Mira S. )

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