Packet Pickup info & Race Day App:

1. We have secured PawPaw’s Pizza in Harrisburg for the Friday evening packet pickup. Come check-in for the race and avoid the lines on Saturday morning and while you are there, enjoy a “carb up” meal on us. 
2. If you haven’t done so yet, be sure and download the “Athlinks Race Day” app on your smartphone. There you will find the course map, results live as they happen, event schedule, event announcements and more.
Other general information: We will have pizzas brought in throughout the race day for the participants like we did last year. We keep then coming at different times so that there is always a hot slice waiting for you when you finish.

“The heavy breathing will subside. The burn in your legs will fade. The blisters will heal. The pain you endured to reach the finish line is temporary—but your race results are forever.”